Best of Serafimi Dobermann is a kennel located just 45 km west of our capital Skopje in Republic of Macedonia, in the beautiful village of Tearce on JNA No.27, 1224 on the main road Tetovo border crossing Jazince. It overcomes the untamed nature under slip on Sar Planina. The beginnings of the Best Of Serafimi Dobermann Kennel date back to 1994, and professional training begins with the initiation of the first in the Kinoloski Union of Macedonia and then in the FCI in 1999. As part of the renowned poster for Dobermans Casa Di Zorzzi, until 2015 I am getting a great experience and the meaning of what I got from my best friend and mentor MiteJovanovski - Zorzzi, contributing to the official rag at the Best of Serafimi Doberman Kennel, as a sergeant of the family Serafimovski:

-Miroslav Serafimovski -miki serafimi
-Katerina Serafimovska-kate serafimi
-Slaven Serafimovski-famous seraphim
-Galena Serafimovska-Galena seraphim

SERAFIMI Dobermann Kennel

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